Art Print Milano - Sanremo 1970 III

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The 61st Milan Sanremo, 'La Primavera', one of the Monuments and the most prestigeous Italian races, promised to be an exciting battle.
It started on a fresh warm spring morning in march 1970. The list of contestants was the who-is-who of cycling champions: Eddy Merckx, Rik van Looy, Roger de Vlaeminck, Eric Lemans, Walter Godefroot, Jan Janssen, Rudi Altig, Harm Ottenbros, Felice Gimondi, Italo Zilioli, Gianni Motta and many many more.

One rider who was not considered a champion, though nobody denied that he was a good cyclist, started into the race like a launched rocket.
Michele Dancelli immediately rode an attack from the start and initiated a series of flights which would be characteristic for this 1970 edition.
Several riders were able to show their panache and took initiative over the 300km of 'La Primavera', among them Gimondi, Aldo Moser, Karstens, Chiappano, Merckx - and the underestimated Dancelli. The latter attacked several times and rode without any reserve. It should become a legendary race.
The outcome brought salvation to Dancelli who finally broke his spell and knew when he crossed the finish line in tears, that nobody would dare to call him 'just an averagely good rider' ever again.

But not only he cried. Millions of tifosi shed tears of joy as the first Italian rider after a barren run of 17 years was victorious in San Remo.
Dancelli brought the triumph home to fans, of whom many of the younger ones had only heard in stories but never witnessed how a fellow countryman was able to win this mother of all Italian one day races.
It was also the beginning of a series of victories of the Molteni team in San Remo but nobody would have known that at this day.

This Photographic print shows a trio of Merckx (Faemino), Van Conginsloo (Peugeot) and Gimondi (Salvarani) storming up a hill in lowest gear. Van Coningsloo and Gimondi are struggling as they try to keep up with Merckx who is eager to close a gap.

The Art Print is a high quailty reprint of an original from the press service of one of Italy's most important journalistic photo-agencies, Milan's Olympia.

The Size of the photo print is A3 which is 29,7 cm x 42,0 cm.
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