Basil KF - handlebar holder

Basil KF - handlebar holder

Fits conventional bicycles and e-bikes

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The Basil KF Handlebar Holder is a handy tool for attaching a removable bicycle basket or handlebar bag.

The system is easily attached to your handlebars. The holder also fits most city bikes, whether they be for men or women. In addition, the handlebar holder is suitable for E-bikes with a Bosch display, for example. The Basil KF Handlebar holder is suitable for fitting to measurements 22-31.8 mm Ø. The holder is made of plastic, making it lightweight and durable, and can be mounted quickly and easily. The angle of the holder is adjustable and thanks to the mounting design, the holder is reassuringly stable.  


  • The Basil KF Handlebar holder is available in black. 
  • The handlebar holder is suitable for KF adapter plates. 
  • Can also be used in combination with E-bike displays (e.g. Bosch).
  • The holder is very stable thanks to an extra locking mechanism. 
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Product Name Basil KF - handlebar holder
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Condition New