Bianchi Rare Titanium Road Bike

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ID: 16653
Manufacturer: Bianchi
Size: 52 cm
Era: 2000s
Product ID: 16653
Bianchi is well known for being the oldest Italian cycling manufacturer which is still in production. But despite being an old company, in the 1990s and early 2000s they became a hotbed of innovations. From new frame designs to materials, everything was checked for possible improvements.

It seems that our Bianchi Titanium bike comes from this era.
In fact the design is so unique that we have never seen any titanium bike like this one before. It might even be part of a small prototype series.

What makes this Bianchi stand out is not so much the material itself or the outer shapes of the frame - after all Bianchi was producing a similar model, the Titanium XL for several years. What is so very special is the way the main tubes are connected to the front and the rear end.
In fact the three main tubes seem to have been bonded into the frame!
We are unsure what the intention of this process might have been. Was it easier customisation? We honestly do not know.
What we can say is that the outcome is a stunningly lightweight machine. Which partly also due to the excellent Campagnolo 11-Speed groupset and the Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels.

A bike for comfortable rides and even serious racing.
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