Bianchi Reparto Corse Enigmatic Racing Bike 1980s

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ID: 8541
Manufacturer: Bianchi
Size: 56 cm
Condition: The bike is in very good condition. The frame has no dents, no cracks and is not bent. Paintwork with some minor touch-ups. All parts are working fine.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 8541

When it comes to vintage bicycles, there are few brands which are as well known as Bianchi, Italy's oldest manufacturer still in business. Indissolubly connected with the epic victories of Fausto Coppi, Felice Gimondi and many other riders, the Bianchi bikes have become a legend.

As many of you out there may have already experienced at Eroica events, vintage Bianchi bikes are pretty popular and beloved. Bianchi lovers from all over the world are at large at these events. And there is always lots of talking about the different models, may it be a very typical one or one that just does not fit right in, as far as the catalogues are concerned - just like our mysterious Bianchi Reparto Corse Enigmatic Racing Bike.

Many details on this bike are pointing to Bianchi's Reparto Corse division - the department which was responsible for special racing bike builds. It quite obviously has been made from top class tubing, most likely Columbus SL. The chromed, engraved rear stay caps and head lugs are more evidence of a top class bike. Now what is starting to be a tad unusual are the fully chromed fork and rear stays. You rarely see them on Bianchi bikes of this era.
The Cinelli bottom bracket shell and the way the tubes are formed indicates that this bike was built around the year 1980.
But the real stunner is the internally routed braking cable. A routing which had been conducted in a most professional way with clean and exactly brazed internal guiding. It makes you wonder if this might be a change which was made to the bike in later years. On the other hand, with a cable routing executed in such a bold and flawlessly slick way, it is not hard to imagine that this was a factory mod at special customer's request.

This Bianchi is equipped with to notch Campagnolo Super Record components which makes it the perfect bike to tackle the famous Strade Bianche gravel of Eroica.

An enigmatic celeste Bianchi, simply beautiful.

Frame No.: 1.8 / 057

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