Bianchi Tour de France 1953 Classic Roadbike

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Manufacturer: Bianchi
Size: 59 cm
Condition: The bike is in excellent condition. The frame has no dents, no cracks and is not bent. The whole bike has been professionally refurbished. All parts are working fine.
Product ID: 5899
After a personally difficult time in the aftermath of his brother's death, in 1952, the Heron unfolded his wings again and soared to timeless victories. In this year, Fausto Coppi achieved his second double of winning the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France in his own matchless style. And of course on a celeste coloured Bianchi machine!
In 1952-53, to celebrate the victory in the French race, Bianchi produced a top model called Bianchi Tour de France. It was a prestigious model that, however, did not stay long in the catalog of the Milanese house (it only appears in the 1953 catalog). Coppi's Victories overcame all doubts and the model and its name was changed to an even more prestigious sounding one. In 1953 Fausto won the World Championships in Lugano and Bianchi's top of the range model for the next years was accordingly named the "Campione del Mondo".

The Tour de France is a key model in the history of Bianchi but also, more generally, in the history of racing bikes. It is one of the first bikes that were built to fit the standard chainset and the first cable operated Campagnolo derailleur, which from then on became the norm. Before the Tour de France model, most racing bikes were operated by stick-like levers and a quick release.
The main characters, which identify the Bianchi Tour de France, are:
- The adjustment screw of the rear dropouts has a 4 mm diameter. Later, for the whole production, Bianchi switched to a diameter of 3 mm.
- The shifting cables run inside sheaths, attached on the frame with Universal clamps. In later models, the cables are bare, without sheaths.
- Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleurs and shifters.
- Bianchi chainset with two chainrings, usually 49-46 teeth models. Bianchi's previous model was a single chainring one.
- Hubs with a Bianchi branding.
- Universal mod.51 Brakes and brake levers.
- Nisi rims with 32 holes in the front and 40 holes in the back.

All these characteristics form a highly collectible super bike of its time. A model that is extremely rare because it was only produced for one year and a milestone because it changed the way we thought about shifting.
There sure are not many chances to get hold of one of these beauties. This opportunity is yours.
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