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  1. New
    Masi Cromato Classic Road Bike
    Masi Cromato Classic Road Bike.. Masi Cromato Classic Road Bike
    57 cm
    Fully chromed frame. Campagnolo Super Re.. Fully chromed frame. Campagnolo Super Record groupset. 1st gen derailleur.
  2. Faliero Masi Speciale Corsa Road Bicycle 1950s
    Faliero Masi Speciale Corsa Ro.. Faliero Masi Speciale Corsa Road Bicycle 1950s
    57 cm
    Refurbished frame. Very rare. Campagnolo.. Refurbished frame. Very rare. Campagnolo Gran Sport, Magistroni.
    Best Offer
  3. Masi 3V Volumetrica Road Bike 1980s
    Masi 3V Volumetrica Road Bike .. Masi 3V Volumetrica Road Bike 1980s
    57 cm
    Oversized tubing. Internal lugs. Campagn.. Oversized tubing. Internal lugs. Campagnolo Super Record.
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Benotto Logo

  • Country: Italy
  • Founder: Giacinto Benotto
  • Founding Year: 1931
  • Website:

A History of Benotto

Benotto was founded by Giacinto Benotto, in Torino, Italy, 1931. Like so many Italian bike manufacturers of the era, Benotto himself was a passionate racer and had first hand experience of the competitive world of racing. He knew of the need for high-quality designs.

Giacinto, together with his brother, researched extensively into the development of racing bikes for the future. However, early in 1948, the story of the brand took an unusual turn. Having read about the newly discovered oil in Venezuela, Benotto was keen to travel to South America in order to set up his classic bicycle brand and capitalise on this new found area of wealth.

The Benotto brothers reached port La Guaira in the summer of 1948, along with 200 newly designed Benotto bikes. As they went through customs, Giacinto explained his concept of introducing bikes to Latin America. Despite his best efforts, they weren't convinced. They maintained, 'here in Venezuela we don’t ride bicycles, we drive Cadillacs'. Despite this initial opposition, Giacinto became a successful bicycle pioneer. Benotto developed the first Venezuelan folding bike, the first tandem and a five person bicycle which became famous through television appearances.

Alongside the pioneering business vision of the Benotto brothers, their synonymous brand would also sponsor a series of successful professional cycling teams. 11 World Championship titles have been won by riders of Benotto bicycles, the most most notable winner being Franscesco Moser in San Cristobal, Venezuela, 1977. In addition, Ole Ritter set an hour record on a Benotto bicycle in 1968; 48.653 km in Mexico City.

A History of Masi

Masi, or Masi cicli, was founded by Faliero Masi in 1949. Faliero Masi had been a professional cyclist since the 1930s and throughout his competitive career he had accumulated an array of knowledge about steel bicycles and their properties as racing machines.


Faliero had his own way of fitting racing bikes to their riders, becoming known as 'the tailor'. He built bikes for both Jacques Anquetil and Fausto Coppi, but as the popularity of the Masi brand grew, many professional racers had already signed contracts with other companies. This, unfortunately, meant that Masi bicycles were not in as much demand as Faliero had initially hoped for.

Collectible Bicycles Online Auction

We are happy to present you a selection of rare and collectible vintage bicycles:

  • Limited editions like Cinelli Laser, anniversary bicycles
  • Historical bikes owned and ridden by famous cyclists like Eddy Merckx, Fausto Coppi, Francesco Moser & others...
  • Bicycles with rare and expensive finishing like gold or copper plating
  • Vintage Bicycles that mark a historical benchmark in cycling technology

Bicycles for Eroica and other vintage bicycle rides and events.