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Short info about Freschi

Freschi Logo

  • Country: Italy
  • Founder: Emiliano Freschi

Information about Freschi

Freschi is a vintage frame manufacturer from Milan, Italy. He worked as chief engineer and builder for Pogliaghi before starting his own business. The frames which Freschi manufactured remain very rare and people continue to search for these classic bicycle frames.

Short info about Pavarin

Pavarin Logo

  • Country: Italy
  • Founder: Achille Pavarin
  • Foundation Year: 1974
  • Website:

Information about Pavarin

Achille Pavarin is an Italian expert frame builder. He worked for twenty years at Gianna factory and assisted some professional racing teams as chief mechanic. His handcrafted skills allowed him to patent in 1971 special aluminium pedal cleats for races. In 1974 he decided to open his own bike store producing custom steel frames. Like most of the Italian manufacturers, Pavaglin bikes are characterised by notable craftsmanship and attention to details. Roberto, Giovanni's son, soon joined the father's business and in 1981 started to assist professional cyclists of the Italian national team, world champions as Gianni Bugno and Mario Cipollini. After a decade in competitions, Giovanni and Roberto Pavarin decided to lead just the company. Nowadays Pavarin produces high-quality frames, road bikes, mountain bikes and city bikes.