August 2012

  1. Bike Anatomy :-)

    Bike Anatomy :-)
    Here we present the bike anatomy picture. However it's not complete and we need a better one :-) Feel free to submit us your version of bike anatomy. We will post it here!   Cheers
  2. Rusty - Rotten singlespeed bicycle

    Rusty - Rotten singlespeed bicycle
    Steel bicycles are experiencing a renaissance among young people. No matter if single speed, fixie or racing bike - steel frames have that slim and sexy look. In Germany you can observe lots of them, especially in the bigger cities. We already built lots of custom bikes for our customers. One of our most interesting projects so far has been...
  3. Ernesto Colnago - The Legend

    Ernesto Colnago - The Legend
    Colnago is one of our favourite brands! We refurbished plenty of Colnago bikes. Here a little bit history: "I was born to build bicycles" - following a bike accident which resulted in a broken leg, Ernesto Colnago, at that time working at Gloria Bicycles decided to build own parts and sell them to other bicycle companies. Still the same year...
  4. Our Bamboo Bike Project

    Our Bamboo Bike Project
    Using bamboo to construct bicycle frames is a great idea! Organic Bikes produced eco-friendly frames combining bamboo with the recycled alloy. The bamboo top tube, seat tube and down tube of the Dylon frame are hold together by the lugs made of recycled alloy. This combination is not only very ecological but also pretty nice looking! Here you can see...

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