October 2013

  1. L'Eroica 2013

    L'Eroica 2013
    It has been the first time, we participated in L'Eroica race in Tuscany, Italy on the 6th of October 2013! L'Eroica in Italy is one of the most popular vintage cycling events world wide. More than 5000 cyclists did the race this year. Our team rode one of the short distances of 75 km. Besides of that there were a...
  2. The Top 10 Most Collectible Vintage Bicycles

    The Top 10 Most Collectible Vintage Bicycles
    Vintage bicycles are unique, as unlike other types of bikes which lose value as time goes on, vintage bicycles not only retain their value but many also increase in price. Many of the original brands of bikes from the 1960s to the 1990s have become very rare and when they appear on the market, competition is high. We have compiled...

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