Vintage bicycles are unique, as unlike other types of bikes which lose value as time goes on, vintage bicycles not only retain their value but many also increase in price. Many of the original brands of bikes from the 1960s to the 1990s have become very rare and when they appear on the market, competition is high.

We have compiled a list of the most collectible bikes, please take a look to see if your bike has made our list!

Our top 10 favorite collectible vintage bicycles:

  1. Colnago Master (mid 1980s)
  2. Alberto Masi Prestige
  3. Colnago Mexico (late 1970s)
  4. Cinelli Supercorsa (late 1970s)
  5. Eddy Merckx Professional (early 1980s)
  6. Gios Torino (early 1980s)
  7. Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra (late 1980s - early 1990s)
  8. De Rosa Professional (mid 1980s)
  9. Bianchi Specialissima (with first generation C-Record)
  10. Somec Special (mid 1970s)