In October, after the L'Eroica vintage bike race in Tuscany (Italy), we went to Milan to meet Alberto Masi and see his workshop. We are big fans of his and his father's work and restored around 20 classic and vintage bicycles by Masi in the last two years! Alberto Masi still produces hand-made steel frames in his workshop in Velodrom in Milan. You can order the following models:

  • Alberto Masi Prestige
  • Alberto Masi Gran Criterium
  • Alberto Masi Speciale
  • Alberto Masi 3V Volumetrica

All models have been produced in the same way since the past and you feel the real passion and love all frames are made with. So, if you want a custom steel frame by one of the most famous still living Italian frame-builder, then Alberto Masi in Milan is the first choice! Alberto Masi also produces modern frames made of the high-tech Columbus XCR stainless steel, which are the highest standard of the steel tech nowadays!

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Alberto was very friendly and showed us his workshop where we could see some real beauties! It was the cleanest and the tidiest workshop we have ever seen :-) One of our most favorite bicycles in the workshop was Alberto Masi Speciale, which had lots of stunning details and pantographs.

We say - "Thank you, Alberto! Keep doing a great job in building custom steel frames!"

Check out our online shop to see our restored vintage Masi bicycles!

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