April 2014

  1. Building a Comfy Vintage Bicycle

    Building a Comfy Vintage Bicycle
    If you are a passionate cyclist and love vintage cycling, then you probably also own more than just one bike. Well... when I saw this Meral classic frame, I already knew that if the size fits it's gonna be my new baby! After a short ride which felt good I decided to build up a really comfy road racer based...
  2. Berlin Highlights of the Year

    Berlin Highlights of the Year
    Berlin highlights of the year! Do you live in Berlin or are you going to visit it? There you go! The city will host plenty of unmissable events for all the 365 days: open-air festivals, art exhibitions, concerts, culture, sport and much more... Take a look of this great Berlin highlights selection made by VisitBerlin and get the right tips...
  3. Vintage Leather Saddles - Product Review

    Vintage Leather Saddles - Product Review
    Vintage leather saddles are now available in Steel Vintage Bikes online shop! We are offering a fine selection of the best NOS vintage leather saddles from the 1970s: 3ttt, Selle Italia Superleggera, Selle Royal Superleggero. Here the main features about our vintage leather saddles: NOS 3ttt saddle Era: 1970s - early 1980s Covering material: suede Colour: black Shell: Plastic Rails...
  4. Olmo - Manufacturer Portrait

    Olmo - Manufacturer Portrait
    Olmo is an Italian brand founded in 1939 by Giuseppe (Gepin) Olmo. Giuseppe Olmo was one of the most famous Italian cyclists during the 1930s. As he started his professional career with the Bianchi Team, the successes came soon. He won the Milano-Sanremo two times and many stages in Giro d'Italia between 1932 and 1938. In 1935 Olmo set the...
  5. Battaglin - Frame Builder Portrait

    Battaglin - Frame Builder Portrait
    Battaglin is an Italian bicycle brand founded by Battaglin Giovanni in the early 1980s. Battaglin Giovanni is a legendary former cyclist and was born on 22nd July 1951 in Marostica (Vicenza, North-East Italy). He was a great climber and in 1981 won both the Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a Espana. On the wake of his cycling's successes and after a violent bike crash, Battaglin decided...

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