Cycling through Verona on classic and vintage road bicycles!

Ardita Veneta - "ardito" is the Italian for courageous, as the heroic cyclists - is a classic cycling event which takes place in Verona, Italy on 22nd-23rd November 2014. The event is at its sixth edition and consists in a non-competitive route through the ancient Verona and has to be ridden with classic and vintage bikes.

Like every Italian classic bicycle event, Ardita Veneta is also a celebration of territory and customs. A good way to experience what Verona offers beside the worldwide-known highlights, as the Arena and the Romeo and Juliet house. Also make sure you taste the wine and food delicacies of Verona, as Bigoli al Ragú di Asino - a typical home-made pasta with dunkey meat sauce - and a glass of Amarone - one of the best Italian wine. They are worth the visit, trust us!

Piazza Bra, the breathtaking medieval square in the hearth of the old town, hosts the vintage market where exhibitors show their classic bicycles and parts. Our friend and calendar partner Grandis will be displaying some of its most beautiful road bikes from the 1960s to 2015! An unmissable experience to get in touch with an expert frame builder of the Italian manufacturing tradition.

If you happen to Verona on 22nd-23rd November 2014, do not forget to bring your classic road bicycle with you and participate in Ardita Veneta!

Discover here some of the finest classic road bicycles of our collection! More classic bikes here.

bainchi specalissima super leggera 1976
garlatti classic road bicycle from the 1970s
masiero classic road bicycle from the 1980s
messina classic road bicycle from the 1980s