December 2014

  1. Almarc - The Genuine Leather Bar Covers

    Almarc - The Genuine Leather Bar Covers
    ALMARC: The Genuine Hand-Stitched Leather Bar Covers from Italy Steel Vintage Bikes has become official dealer of ALMARC, the famous Italian manufacturer of hand-crafted and stitched leather handlebar covers. The company was founded in 1975 by Roberto Lissoni and is based in Verano Brianza, a small city close to Monza (Northern Italy). The company still produces the best leather bar...
  2. Portrait: Luciano Berruti

    Portrait: Luciano Berruti
    Luciano Berruti: the icon of classic cycling For those who participate in L´Eroica, Luciano Berruti is certainly a known face. Luciano Berruti is an Italian 71 years old cyclist with a life-time passion for classic and vintage bicycles. Everything started when he was a child and after a decade in competitions, Luciano started to collect vintage cycles and opened in...
  3. X-Mas 2014 Contest!

    X-Mas 2014 Contest!
    The Steel Vintage Bikes X-Mas 2014 Contest starts now! Would you like to win a L´Eroica 2015 package or a bike maintenance workshop with an extra € 200 coupon? Then do not miss the occasion to become the lucky winner of one of our ten prizes as listed below*! Participating in the the Steel Vintage Bikes Christmas 2014 Contest is...
  4. Christmas Gift Ideas

    Christmas Gift Ideas
    Christmas is just around the corner and you know your friend or sweetheart loves classic and vintage bicycles! But you do not know what to give as a gift under the Christmas tree? There you go! Steel Vintage Bikes has selected the best Christmas gift ideas for any classic cycling enthusiast. Finding the perfect Christmas present cannot be easier! The Vintage...

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