Christmas is just around the corner and you know your friend or sweetheart loves classic and vintage bicycles! But you do not know what to give as a gift under the Christmas tree?

There you go! Steel Vintage Bikes has selected the best Christmas gift ideas for any classic cycling enthusiast. Finding the perfect Christmas present cannot be easier!

Vintage Bikes Calendar 2015

The Vintage Bike Calendar 2015
Proudly produced by Steel Vintage Bikes, it is the most wanted item and is printed on fine 220 gram glossy paper in A3 format. The Vintage Bike Calendar 2015 features some of the most beautiful classic cycles we restored to date.

classic cycling book

Bicycle Portraits
A photographic book about everyday South Africans and their bicycles. Bikes, faces and tales in a three-volume project. Produced in South Africa and printed on high-quality fine paper.

classic cycling book

Velo Evolution
A book about bike, its history and development. The photographer Florian Freund has selected 43 classic and vintage bicycles from the Sigfried Stahl collection and has featured the development of bike´s history from the beginning to the comeback in the 1980s.

classic cycling magazine

Biciclette d´epoca
The Italian magazine about classic cycling. This two-monthly issue features classic cycling events, heroic riders and frame builders. Very nice pictures!

classic cycling caps

Cycling cap
The must have for every cyclist. Made in Italy, these cycling caps are accurate reproductions of the 1970s-1980s most famous cycling teams.

classic cycling t-shirt

The Steel Vintage Bikes T-shirt
Designed in Berlin by Steel Vintage Bikes! Beside the restoration of our classic beauties, we produce wonderful t-shirts made of organic cotton and silk screen printed. Available both for women and men.

classic cycling postcards

Set of 12 postcards with classic road bicycles
An exclusive set of postcards which features some of the most wanted classic and vintage bicycles we had in our showroom. Spread your passion about classic cycling around the world!

cycling drawstring backpack

Steel Vintage Bikes drawstring backpacks
As the t-shirts, the backpacks have been designed in Berlin by Steel Vintage Bikes and are made of organic cotton and eco-friendly print colors. Perfect for carrying whilst cycling!

bike messenger bags

Crumpler messenger bag
Based on waterproof pro-messenger bags, it has everything you need to comfy ride through the urban jungle: 17"laptop compartment, backlight holder, Velcro fastened protective seal, U-lock holder... What else?

cycling bags

The True Romance tote bag
Colorful tote bags designed by Steel Vintage Bikes and made of fair traded cotton. Nice and very practical to use for the everyday life!

Is this not enough? Then have a look here and find other nice presents!