September 2016

  1. Still packing for L'Eroica?

    Still packing for L'Eroica?
    L'Eroica 2016 –– this weekend –– September 30th to October 2nd  –– Gaiole in Chianti (Italy) –– We've been prepping and packing to make sure we have everything ready for the 20th L'Eroica, it's no chore for our team but if you're finding yourself a little lacking in supplies let us be your bike shop away from home. It's no chore for...
  2. Be L'Eroica Ready!

    Be L'Eroica Ready!
    We've enjoyed riding the white roads of L'Eroica at Gaiole in Chianti for the last four years and hope our experience will help prepare you and make your ride memorable for all the right reasons. To fully appreciate the route and the ride you want to make sure your apparel is on point; a seamless and authentic aspect of the overall experience. Cycling Caps...
  3. Proud Sponsor of Velo Classico 2016!

    Proud Sponsor of Velo Classico 2016!
    We are pleased to announce Steel Vintage Bikes is a sponsor for Velo Classico 2016! The annual event supports the traditions and culture Steel Vintage Bikes is constantly serving by bringing new life to classic bikes. It seemed only natural to us that we should support Velo Classico which brings vintage bike enthusiasts together to enjoy traditional bikes and culture...
  4. SVB Saturday Bike Tour – 10/09/2016

    SVB Saturday Bike Tour – 10/09/2016
    We have a fresh face leading the charge for our upcoming bike tour tomorrow. Chris Cooley, one of our newest mechanics, will be our guide for the bike tour to Groß Müggelsee and back. He’s plotted a route that will be taking us out of our fine metropolis and into the wooded areas around Müggelsee where we can enjoy the serenity that...

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