The Gios name is one of the great pillars in Italian cycling history and culture, and the Gios Torino Super Record is a true monument of its time. This bike has one of the greatest records of all. This record is mainly thanks to Roger De Vlaeminck, a former Belgian racer for the Brooklyn Team who was nicknamed Monsieur Paris-Roubaix. He rode the bike to many 'Monument' race victories.

Something else that is very interesting about this bike which many people might not know, is that it was built in a series of three different versions between 1973 and 1982. All were built within years of each other, and yet each generation had very slightly different aspects.

Gios Torino Super Record - First Generation 1973-1977

The first version was built between 1973 and 1977 with the engraved "GT" fork crowns and bottom bracket shell, that famous shade of blue, Columbus SL tubing and Campagnolo Record components. At that time Gios Torino provided the Brooklyn Team with its hand-made frames.

Gios Torino Super Record Classic Bicycle 1st Generation with Campagnolo Groupset
Gios Torino Super Record Classic Bicycle Forks
Gios Torino Record Groupset 2

In 1978 Gios built a special version of the first generation bike. The only major difference was aesthetic, as they added white stickers on the seat tube and the down tube.

Gios Torino Record Special Version Angle 1
Gios Torino Record Special Version Angle 2
Gios Torino Record Special Version Angle

Gios Torino Super Record - Second Generation 1979-1980

The second version, which was built from 1979 to 1980, was slightly different in terms of its components. The "GT" fork crowns were replaced with a different crown with very typical Gios badges, which basically covered the air-holes used during the welding of the forks. This alteration also took place on the bottom bracket shell, where the GT engraving was replaced by the GIOS writing. The bike had normally a Super Record Campagnolo groupset, with Campagnolo Record brakes with long bolt. Also, the bike had white stickers on the seat tube, down tube and the top tube.

Gios Torino Super Record 1979 1
Gios Torino Super Record 1979 2
Gios Torino Super Record 1979 3

Gios Torino Super Record - Third Generation 1981-1982

The third and final version was built a little later between 1981 and 1982 and had only one major difference with the previous version, which was that it could fit more modern Campagnolo Record brakes with allen-key bolt.

Gios Torino Super Record 1981 1
Gios Torino Super Record 1981 5
Gios Torino Super Record 1981 3

Before the workshop, Tolmino Gios had been a professional racing cyclist. However, the first bikes that were built in his workshop were not racers but highly functional city bikes.

It was actually in the 1970s that the workshop started to build classic racers, and, with the success of the Brooklyn Team, that easily recognisable shade of blue became iconic. The team had huge success in the hellish cobbled classics including Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders, clearly showing the resilience and quality of the Gios Torino bike.

Ever since 1948, when Tolmino Gios opened his workshop in Turin, Italy, that name has come to mean real, thoroughbred bicycles. And that is exactly what you get here with the Gios Torino Super Record; a rock-solid steel bike with an absolute tonne of history behind it.

If you are a vintage bicycle collector who really cares about attention to detail and craftsmanship, then you should not miss out on one of these Gios Torino Super Record!