April 2017

  1. Clash of the Heroes

    Clash of the Heroes
    With the Eroica season in full tilt, finding the right steed to carry you across the finish line is maybe the most important decision you will make on your way to Becoming Eroici. Lets face it, unless you’ve maintained that 30+ year old bike that’s collecting dust in your dads garage, you will be looking for a set of wheels...
  2. Holdsworth Heritage: A British Invasion!

    Holdsworth Heritage: A British Invasion!
    You would be forgiven to think that the cycling boom occurring throughout the U.K is a recent phenomenon. The exploits of Team GB on the track and the sheer dominance of Sky on the road are a result of decades of British cycling tradition. As we look back, a key figure to cultivating this popularity was W.F. Holdsworth. Holdsworth began...
  3. The Sheriff of Roubaix

    The Sheriff of Roubaix
    No race holds the same reverence as Paris-Roubaix. The cruel cobblestoned pavé that litters the 250+ km course leaves the riders and bikes that cross them battered into submission. Few Champions have returned to the Hell of the North to reclaim victory, Francesco Moser though was no ordinary Champion. Dubbed “The Sheriff” and “Il Mangiapietre” or The Cobble Eater, Moser’s...

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