February 2019

  1. Vintage Splendour Exhibition

    Vintage Splendour Exhibition
    Come visit our new exhibition of rare shiny gems in our Berlin Store. This week we exhibit a collection of four Italian bicycles boasting unusual coatings. Bring your sunglasses with you and enjoy the glossy glamour from the roaring 80s. A copper coated Colnago, a gold plated Pinarello, a Rossin with golden details and one more Colnago with gold plated parts,  made...
  2. Steel Vintage Bikes Café

    Steel Vintage Bikes Café
    Started as an Online Shop in 2012. Steel Vintage Bikes started as an online store in 2012 with a focus on refurbishing and bringing back to life the steel road bikes of the golden ages of cycling. Focusing primarily on steel framed bikes from the 1890s up to the 1990s, Steel Vintage Bikes works to restore and refurbish vintage frames...
  3. How to Dress for Eroica

    How to Dress for Eroica
    Created by Giancarlo Bocci, L’Eroica is a manifestation of vintage bikes lovers since 1997 who admire values of a past cycling era. Few rules are important to participate to the races, here is the main ones. The bicycle should have: The speed levers on the frame, External brake on the handlebars Foot pegs with straps But Eroica is not only...

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