Come visit our new exhibition of rare shiny gems in our Berlin Store. This week we exhibit a collection of four Italian bicycles boasting unusual coatings. Bring your sunglasses with you and enjoy the glossy glamour from the roaring 80s. A copper coated Colnago, a gold plated Pinarello, a Rossin with golden details and one more Colnago with gold plated parts,  made to impress by Italian artisans, who competed to shine high and bright in the cycling Olympus.


Pinarello Prestige Oro Rare Road Bike 1979

The Pinarello Prestige was the absolute top model in the Pinarello production. Manufactured with light Columbus tubes, the Pinarello Prestige is easily recognisable by its advanced early internal cable routing. It is even rarer in its gold plated version. A jewel to be admired, but also ridden in the sun to make it shine in its whole glory.


Rossin Record Oro Classic Road Bicycle 1980

The golden lugs and fork of this 1980s Rossin Record Oro are a stand out feature on the sturdy yet lightweight Columbus tubing. Boasting Campagnolo Super Record parts and a pantographed chainring, all working perfectly as well as a precisely pantographed Cinelli stem. This Rossin Record Oro is a rarity which cannot be missing in the collection of a detail lover.


Colnago Super Gold Plating Road Bike 1980s

This Colnago Super Profil dates back to the 1980s and is basically a more stable version of the Nuovo Mexico models. The Columbus SL crimped tubes gave this model its name. But it is not only the tubing which is special on this bike, it is also the the parts, many of which have received a gold plating. Red and gold as the Pompeian paintings, this bike will make history.


Colnago Mexico Ramato Classic Road Bike 1981

The Colnago Mexico is one of the most iconic bikes that left Ernesto's legendary factory. This frame from the 1981 comes with a unique copper plating. Usually copper was used as the foundation layer for chrome. But in this case the copper is naked and shines in its typical red. This bicycle features a top class group set, the Campagnolo Super Record. On top there are some sweet extras like the pantographs on the crank, stem and hubs. A jewel in rose gold for a very not ordinary ride.