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  1. Campagnolo: the history of the brand

    Campagnolo: the history of the brand
    The classic brand of components for road bikes, Campagnolo, designs, produces and distributes high-end components since its establishment, in 1933. The history marked by quality and innovation, however, began earlier, when the young Tulio Campagnolo, acquired mechanical skill when accompanying his father at the hardware workshop in Vicenza, Italy. At that time, he didn't expect to be so famous: Tulio...
  2. Coffee and cycling: it's a match!

    Coffee and cycling: it's a match!
    The energy and comfort that a cup of coffee provides make coffee and bicycle an excellent combination for before or after cycling. We offer a fine selection of coffee beans, either to give as gifts to cyclists and everyone who likes coffee or to taste a freshly roasted coffee at our two cafés in Berlin. The beans come from plantations...
  3. SVB Cycling Shoes

    SVB Cycling Shoes
    It is finally Summer! After such a gruelling Winter, and an awful few months leading up to now, we have finally arrived at the best time of year for cycling! Time to take your prized possession off the wall, give it a quick dust down, check the brakes, pump the tyres and take it for a spin! But hang on...
  4. Eroica Events 2020

    Eroica Events 2020
    What is Eroica? L'Eroica is the pinnacle of Vintage racing bicycle events. Not only is it a beautiful and scenic route through luscious countryside, but it is a bicycle market, celebration of local food and wine and occasion for lovers of vintage bikes. Purveyors with stalls sell collectible bicycles, parts, clothing, food, wine, anything and everything related to the joys...
  5. New Feature about Steel Vintage Café in German TV

    New Feature about Steel Vintage Café in German TV
    Check out the new feature about Steel Vintage Bikes Café in Berlin in RBB, local TV Channel from Berlin.
  6. Vintage Splendour Exhibition

    Vintage Splendour Exhibition
    Come visit our new exhibition of rare shiny gems in our Berlin Store. This week we exhibit a collection of four Italian bicycles boasting unusual coatings. Bring your sunglasses with you and enjoy the glossy glamour from the roaring 80s. A copper coated Colnago, a gold plated Pinarello, a Rossin with golden details and one more Colnago with gold plated parts,  made...
  7. Bike Tour from Lisbon to Porto on Holdsworth Mistral

    Bike Tour from Lisbon to Porto on Holdsworth Mistral
    Alex, the founder of Steel Vintage Bikes, did a bike trip in Portugal in the middle of March. It supposed to be a relaxed ca. 430km long trip from Lisbon to Porto. Due to hard wind and heavy rain it became a challenging one but still absolutely worth it! Here are some impressions from it: Berlin is a great city...
  8. Eroica 2018 Worldwide Events

    Eroica 2018 Worldwide Events
    The Eroica 2018 season is approaching with a ten-event calendar which gets involved four continents and thousands of enthusiasts. Driven by a passion for a bygone era of cycling and a deep connection with territories and customs, the Eroica organisers have put together a calendar with unique adventures –  from the national park around Mount Fuji of Eroica Japan, to...
  9. The Ultimate Lightweight Adventure Bicycle

    The Ultimate Lightweight Adventure Bicycle
    We all know that #outsideisfree and #steelisreal, that is why we at Steel Vintage Bikes decided to join the two in order to create a lightweight touring bike. Choosing the components was key; we wanted to have lightweight, high quality performance for an affordable price tag. This is what we ended up with: #1: Best value for money #2: Lightweight...
  10. Have a good ride Luciano!

    Have a good ride Luciano!
    Sunday, 13th August 2017. Luciano Berruti passed away while doing what he probably loved most in his life: riding his bicycle. Luciano Berruti was a man from a bygone era, when the joy of cycling was earned through fatigue and sweat. He was able to spread his passion in his every single word, gesture and smile. A passion which culminated...

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