Borgognoni BORG.a. Pantographed Road Bike 1981

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ID: 11035
Manufacturer: Borg.A
Size: 58 cm
Condition: The bike is in good condition. The frame has no cracks, no dents and is not bent. Paintwork and decals are original. All parts have been thoroughly checked are working fine.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 11035

Antonio Borgognoni was the father of one of the most promising Italian cycling talents. His son Luciano was already an Italian champion and world champion of the Amateurs when he started his career as a professional in 1973. Although he was considered the coming super star of Italian cycling, he could not keep up with the great expectations, partly to his discipline. Instead Francesco Moser who became professional in the same year rose to the top.

But besides being the father of a famous cyclist, Antonio Borgognoni was also the owner of a fine bicycle manufacture in Gallarate (Varese, Norther Italy). His bikes are classic and elegant top notch machines. Just like our Borgognoni BORG.a. pantographed road bike from 1981.

The frame is formed by Columbus SL tubes, the material of most professional bikes back then, and microfusion lugs. Fork crown and seat stay caps are pantographed. And it is not only the frame which got some engravings, the parts got their share, too. Stem and chainring for example. And the brake levers got a nice little tower at the sides.

The groupset is a complete Campagnolo Super Record - simply the best of everything. And on top there is the Almarc leather cover on the handle bar.
This early 1980s dreambike is thoroughly checked and ready to be ridden to where ever you would like to go.
And be assured, it rides as divine as it looks.

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