Campagnolo Centaur MTB Right Side Pedal

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ID: 15737
Manufacturer: Campagnolo
Condition: Mint condition. The pedal has been probably just mounted on a bike. No visible signs of usage whatsoever.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 15737

Here we offer Campagnolo Centaur MTB Pedal (just the right side one) in mint condition. In the 1980s, when mountainbiking was still young and fast growing sport, Campagnolo was taking part in it indeed. The Italian company, famous for its high quality road and track cycling components was entering a whole new market. Even though that Campagnolo pulled off the market eventually, leaving it to its Japanese rivals, the Campagnolo MTB (or better say the "ATB" - all terrain bike) components highly sought after for their quality and rarity.

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