Claud Butler Jubilee Special Classic Bicycle 1954

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ID: 4400
Manufacturer: Claud Butler
Size: 60 cm
Condition: The bicycle is in very good condition. Original paintwork and decals. The frame has no dents, no cracks and is not bent. All parts work fine.
Era: 1950s
Product ID: 4400

Claud Butler Jubilee Special Classic Bicycle from 1954s. Claud Butler is definitely one of the most famous British lightweight bicycle manufacturers. He established his workshop in the late twenties in south London, where he started building hand-made bicycles. Due to his meticulous, excellent workmanship and successful marketing his bicycles soon became very popular among cycling enthusiasts.

Claud Butler then became famous for bi-laminated lugs and his lugless frames. In the late thirties he started experimenting with fillet brazing, a low temperature process which uses a bronze rod to create a fillet without any lug castings. The result were clean and elegant frames, true craftsmanship masterpieces. Strangely enough by then many people thought of this technique as being inferior to lugging.

This International Club is actually one of the stunning bicycles Claud Butler manufactured in the 1950s. The fillet brazed frame is built with fine Reynolds 531 tubes and still has the original paintwork and decals, a shiny orange cromovelato paint on a polished plated base. This bicycle was in such great condition the we decided to keep it as authentic as possible, thus it underwent a very light refurbishment.

Cleaned and lubricated, this Claud Butler Jubilee Special is equipped with all original parts as shown on a flyer from 1955! The GB Sport brakes, the Dunlop 27" rims and the Brooks B15 are obvious indicators that this bicycle was built and equipped with no compromises!

Extremely rare. A piece of the finest British manufacturing heritage. For true connoisseurs!

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