Kids & Baby's Clothing


      If you're searching for the perfect way to dress up your little one in a fun and unique style, look no further than our collection of Kids & Baby's Clothing with bike motifs. Our clothing features a variety of bike-themed designs that are sure to please any young adventurer.

      Our collection includes a range of items, including t-shirts, onesies, baby socks and more, all designed with high-quality materials that are both comfortable and durable. With our bike-themed clothing, your child will be able to express their love for cycling and the great outdoors.

      Our beautiful bicycle motifs were created in collaboration with illustrator like Eeshu. Our own designed T-shirts are printed directly in Berlin in a screen printing workshop on the finest organic cotton T-shirts with GOTS-certified inks.

      At Steel Vintage Bikes, we believe that it's never too young to grow love and passion for cycling, and our bike-themed designs are the perfect way to do just that. Shop our collection today and let your child's personality shine through with our stylish and fun Kids & Baby's Clothing with bike motifs.