Colnago Arabesque 30th Anniversary Bicycle

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ID: 15779
Manufacturer: Colnago
Size: 52 cm
Condition: The bicycle is in good condition. The paintjob and Colnago decals are original, with some little touch ups. Occasional scratch or a rub-off here and there. All parts have been checked by our mechanics and are working fine.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 15779

When it comes to classic bicycles, the Colnago Arabesque is undoubtedly THE must have for any collector. Very hard to find, the Arabesque is the most well-finished bicycle that Colnago has ever manufactured.

It was produced between 1984 and 1985 to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the company: Ernesto Colnago wanted to create a bicycle which would be a milestone, both for himself and for the bicycle industry.

By looking at the lugs, it is simple to understand where the name "Arabesque" comes from. Those "arabesque shape" lugs actually remind a Gloria Garibaldina, an Italian company Ernesto Colnago worked for. As for the tubing, the Arabesque was built both with Columbus SL tubes and special profiled Colnago tubes (similar to the Columbus Gilco of the Master and Esamexico).

This Colnago Arabesque is simply a breath-taking beauty. Unlike most of the roughly 2000 Arabesque, this one is built with a special Colnago tubing with a profiled shape, which perfectly matches the "Arabesque" lugs.

But what makes this Colnago even rarer is the Campagnolo Super Record groupset specially designed for the Colnago 30th anniversary. A very few Arabesque were equipped with those components indeed. The top class Campagnolo parts show a pantographed Colnago logo, even the hubs and the pedal spindles! Whats more, many of Colnago club shaped gold inserts (10 in fact) are to be found all over the frame and the components as well.

There is nothing more to say about this masterpiece. One of the rarest bicycles ever produced: for true collectors!

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