Colnago Carbon Volo Rare Road Bike 1988

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ID: 13056
Manufacturer: Colnago
Size: 50 cm
Condition: The bike is in very good condition the frame has no cracks, no dents. Paintwork has been professionally refurbished by a Colnago painter. All parts have been checked and are working fine.
Era: 1980s
Storage: BMB 05-20
Product ID: 13056
During the 1980s, Ernesto Colnago started to intensify his company's efforts on the introduction of new materials and designs. When it comes to the introduction of innovations to the market, Colnago became almost unrivalled.

One of the paramount projects was the utilisation of carbon fibres for the serial production of road bike frames.
In 1987 the time had come: the manufacture of the world's first serial produced carbon fibre monocoque frame started. And by 1988 the innovative Colnago Carbon Volo was available to the public. And it stayed available only for one year.
The fact that is was only made for one year as well as the revolutionary techniques behind its production make the Carbon Volo one of the rarest and most collectible serial produced Colnago bikes.

It was subsequently superseded by the legendary Colnago C35 which differed from the Volo by small details and a straight fork. Its short-lived era in the cycling catalogues makes the Carbon Volo basically the prototype of the C35.

This piece of cycling history impresses not only by its scarcity but also by its beautiful, captivating lines.

A top class bike like this would, of course, be equipped with nothing less than just the best parts. So a Campagnolo C-Record groupset is to be found on our Carbon Volo.

This bike is fully functional, meaning you could ride it straight away. But to be honest, a rare machine like this is probably more interesting for a serious collector.
We offer here a piece of bicycle design history and one of the rarest Colnago models.
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