Colnago Export Classic Road Bike 1970s

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ID: 11239
Brand: Colnago
Size: 55 cm
Condition: The bike is in good condition. The frame has no cracks, no dents and is not bent. Paintwork and decals are original. All parts have been thoroughly checked and are working fine.
Era: 1970s
Product ID: 11239
Ernesto Colnago is not only one of the most influential persons in Italian bike building, he also was a clever marketing pioneer.
Besides his main brand he established side-projects like Colner to sell more bikes.

When, in the 1970s many people longed for the successful models of professional racers, like the Colnago Mexico or Super, it was clear that they were too expensive for a large number of potential customers.
This is where the Colnago Export entered the stage. With small changes to the professional-level Super model, it was possible to lower the price of the bike enough to make it affordable for club riders.

As for the frame, the geometry stayed the same but the Columbus SL tubing was changed for a slightly heavier gauge. As a side-effect, the frame became more stable.
The typical Nuovo Record and Super Record parts which were ubiquitous on the Super, mostly were replaced by Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport ones on the Export.
These minor changes meant, that an ambitous rider on an Export could easily outrace a challenger on a more expensive Super steed, by making up for some grams with a few watts extra.

Our Colnago Export from the late 1970s is a thoroughbred racer. Combining agressive geometry, quality steel and components, it is an obvious choice for the roads of Eroica.
Checked, ready to be ridden and enjoyed immediately.
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