Colnago Master 50th Anniversary Vintage Bike

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ID: 11753
Manufacturer: Colnago
Size: 55 cm
Condition: Good condition. Paintwork and decals are original. No dents, no cracks or bends. All parts have been checked and are working fine.
Era: 1980s
Storage: BMS
Product ID: 11753

Released in 1984, the Colnago Master became immediately a winning bike. In the same year, Giuseppe Saronni won the Giro d'Italia on a Colnago Master from the Del Tongo team. Since then, this Italian masterpiece of cycling design has been one of the most winning bikes of all time and also one of the most sought after by riders and collectors.

The Colnago Master was meant to be an improvement of the Mexico which had been Colnago's previous top model. Manufactured with Columbus Gilco Design - Profilo S4 tubing with a distinctive crimped section, this tubes were designed by Gilberto Colombo to improve the stiffness and to better withstand mechanical strain. The result is a light, reactive and stiff steel frame with racing pedigree.

This Colnago Master dates back to approx. 1984 arrived at Steel Vintage Bikes in original condition and is equipped with the most iconic and sought after components from the 1980s, nothing less than Campagnolo 50th Anniversary parts. Produced in a limited number, this Campagnolo set has the serial number 7114 and is in very good working condition. Inspected, adjusted and oiled in our workshop this Colnago Master is ready to be ridden or to enrich any serious collection.

A Colnago Master from the first series. An evergreen of the cycling history.

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