Colnago Master Krono Classic Bicycle

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ID: 5890
Manufacturer: Colnago
Size: 57 cm
Condition: The bicycle is in good condition. Paintwork and decals are original. No dents, no cracks or bends. All parts work fine.
Era: 1990s
Product ID: 5890

The Colnago Master is undoubtedly THE evergreen of the cycling history. First released in 1983, the Colnago Master have been manufactured in five different versions until 1998 (Master 1983, Master Più 1988, Master Olympic 1991, Master Light 1994, Master X-Light 1998).

Thanks to this superb frame, the Italian brand from Cavenago achieved the peak of its steel manufacturing, but on the other hand, the Master also represents the end of the steel era in the bicycle industry (the first Colnago carbon prototype dates back to 1987). But it is no coincidence that the Master is actually still available at Colnago...

Released in 1991 the Master Olympic shares with its predecessor - the Master Più - a straight blade fork - so called "Precisa" - and with other Master models the famous tubes with crimped sections. The Olympic distinguished itself for very eye-catching paint schemes, also available in the famous Decor pattern.

Here we present a Colnago Master Olympic Krono, a very aggressive time-trial version with sloped top-tube and 650C front wheel. Beside shining in a well preserved original Decor paint scheme, this bicycle features a fully chromed Colnago CX Precisa fork - with straight blades - and gorgeous FIR blade wheels.

Again regarding the technical side, this breath-taking bicycle is fully equipped with a Campagnolo C-Record groupset and iconic Delta brakes.

The paintwork and the smooth shapes make it a true art masterpiece. For collectors.

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