Colnago Master Titanio Hellenic

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ID: 20788
Brand: Colnago
Size: 62 cm
Condition: The bike is in good overall condition. The frame has no cracks and is not bent. One small ding under the seat tube. Paintwork has been refurbished. all parts have been thoroughly checked and are working fine.
Era: 1990s
Product ID: 20788

Being always at the forefront of technical improvements, it is no miracle that Colnago also experiemented with various frame materials at the same time. And in fact, there were years when they built bikles from steel, aluminium, carbon fiber and titanium at the same time. Ernesto Colnago basically forced the company to have a foot in every door possible.

Some of the outcomes of their endeavours were nothinng short of amazing. Breathtaking studies and ready-to-race bikes alike.

One of those fine pieces is the bike we are presenting here. It is a Colnago Master Titanio. One of the great masterpieces which were crafted by Vidmantas Zukauskas, the famous titanium expert. How he was able to shape the top tube into the classic star-shaped profile escapes our mind. The downtube is a massively oversized beast which gives the bike loads of extra-stiffness. And then, there are the seat stays. Rarely have classic hellenic stays ever looked so utterly modern. A beautiful structural solution.

Such a rare piece cannot beequipped with anything less than Campagnolo's finest groupset, the Campagnolo Record, including the superb clipless Titanium pedals and iconic Shamal wheels. Together with its parts, this frame forms a veritable 1990s superbike. Something you could only dream of but never lay hands on - until now.

A rare piece of cycling tech and a sweet ride indeed.

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