Colnago Oval CX Proto Road Bike 1980s

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ID: 11724
Manufacturer: Colnago
Size: 54 cm
Condition: The bike is in good condition. The frame has no cracks, no dents and is not bent. Paintwork and decals are original. All parts have been checked and are working.
Era: 1980s
Storage: BMB08-11
Product ID: 11724

Before computer modeling and wind tunnel tests in a sterilized lab, the concept of aerodynamics consisted of getting in the drops and turning your cap backwards. Riders relied on the feel of the breeze and their marginal gain was shaving their legs. Colnago however knew bicycle design was about to change forever when they partnered with Columbus to utilize a radical new tubing known as Oval CX.

Due to its labor intensive nature, and the need to develop precision machinery to accommodate not only the tubes, but the lugs needed to join them, bikes built using these Oval tubes were exceedingly rare in the mid 1980s. In fact, Columbus allowed only one master frame builder, Vanni Pettenella, the chance to build these bikes for Colnago spanning from 1983 to 1985. Known for pushing the limits of current technology from their beginning, Colnago knew they had a different kind of bike and didn’t stop at the tube shape.

Though the science of measuring aerodynamics was still new to the bicycle industry, it didn’t stop Colnago from experimenting with frame features that are now common in any manufacturers “aero” lineup.
On our unique early frame several features differ from the version that would later become the 'normal' Oval CX model:

- The only specific aero-lug is the bottom bracket shell.
- The tubes are slightly rounder.
- The headtube joints are fillet brazed / bi-laminated
- The seatpost diameter with its 25mm is wider than on later versions.
- The seatlug cluster is formed by modified normal lugs and caps.
- The rear brake is mounted classic style behind the brake bridge.

Not only is this a bike for historians and collectors of beautiful racing machines, but it’s also more than capable of being taken off the wall and feeling for yourself the wind on your face.

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