Congolese Filter Coffee by Steel Vintage Bikes Café

Congolese Filter Coffee by Steel Vintage Bikes Café

Congolese Coffee Beans, roasted in Berlin.

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Grinding gears and grinding beans have a deeper connection than just a pro-team sponsorship like Faema or Café de Colombia.

Coffee and cycling are a match made in heaven. Do you like high-quality coffee as much as we do? Then feast your eyes on our very own filter coffee beans. We roast our own coffee at Steel Vintage Bikes in Berlin, Germany.

This bag contains single-origin roasted Arabica whole beans (250 grams each = ca. 0.55lbs):





Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo

Region: Kivu

Organisation: Farm Africa and the Virunga National Park

Altitude: 1,000 – 2,100 meters above sea level

Variety: Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Red and Yellow Catuai & Topazio

Classification: CD Bio 154

Processing: fully washed


Origin Story

The mythical status of Congolese coffee correlates to the country of the Democratic Republic of Congo itself, and the fact that its people and landscape have fascinated storytellers and mythmakers for centuries. The country is filled with rich wonders of natural beauty. This outstanding area of natural wonder includes volcanoes, mountains of high elevation, and Lake Kivu. This diverse landscape combined with the rich and fertile soil creates the ideal conditions for unique beans. Our premium selection of Congolese beans are grown at an altitude of between 1,000 and 2,100 meters in Kivu which is located at the border of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, the Kivu area is unfortunately not only known for its spectacular cup profiles, as the area is subject to ongoing conflicts, cooperation between coffee farmers, Farm Africa and the Virunga National Park is encouraging peace through the growth of specialist coffee. The beans that they produce there are bursting with vibrant fruity aromas and have notes of pleasant acidity.


Cup Profile

Bursting with vibrant fruity aromas, with notes of pleasant acidity.

Please note that the stamped date is the roast date and the beans need at least 10 days rest before they should be consumed


Condition New

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Product Name Congolese Filter Coffee by Steel Vintage Bikes Café
Marke Steel Vintage Bikes
Condition New
Color None
Stem Length 100 mm
Bar Width 420 mm
Bicycle Category Supreme