Cycled Belt Vittoria Red with Green No.14872

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ID: 16965
Manufacturer: Cycled Project
Available in store: Wilhelmstr. 91, 10117 Berlin
Product ID: 16965

Cycled is a young Italian brand founded in 2014 in Venice (Italy) by Luca and Silvio Potente, two brothers who decided to save used bike tires and make belts out of them. The attention to details is the key of their products. From the iron branding to the recycled paper packaging, every Cycled belt is a unique, fine piece.

The buckle is screw-fastened and the belt can be cut for any length.

Strap folded up and stitched up with cotton colored strings.

Each belt is a unique and personal object. No industrial processes are involved.

Recycled in Italy

Germany €5 DHL Economy
Europe €12 Deutsche Post
UK €12 Deutsche Post
Worldwide €40 FedEx (ca. 5-7 days)
€12 Deutsche Post