Incylence Forward Petrol Socks

Incylence Forward Petrol Socks

Dryarn® lightweight fabric. Perfect fit. Great for hot days.

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The ultra-light Dryarn® microfibre offers the best characteristics for our high-cut cycling and running socks. Unmatched breathability and heat regulation provide maximum comfort and outstanding cycling and running performance. The double-laid cuff prevents sweat from running into the shoe while providing a comfortable fit without slipping. The thin processing on the instep - mesh structure - ensures best breathability. The integrated compression on the midfoot ensures a firm, stable fit. The reinforced toe box and the additional cushioning in the Achilles tendon and heel area protect sensitive zones and thus offer the best comfort and durability.



Dryarn® - durable | light | heat-insulating | breathable | hygienic | environmentally friendly

Double layered cuff absorbs moisture efficiently

Compression for improved circulation

Perfect fit



50% Polyamide

45% Polypropylene Dryarn®

5% Elastane



S (35 - 38)

M (39 - 42)

L (43 - 46)

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