Eddy Merckx Kessels Van Steenbergen Bicycle 1976

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ID: 6233
Manufacturer: Eddy Merckx
Size: 59 cm
Condition: Good condition. Original paintwork and decals. No dents, no cracks or bends. All parts work fine.
Era: 1970s
Product ID: 6233

When it comes to classic cycling, there are a few things which appeal to collectors around the globe as much as the Molteni Team livery does. Its unmistakable orange color and the countless victories achieved by the great Eddy Merckx between 1971 and 1976 made it simply an icon, a symbol of professional racing. Fair enough saying that a Molteni bicycle is THE must-have in any serious collection.

Besides Colnago and De Rosa, early Molteni Team frames bearing the Eddy Merckx logo were manufactured by Kessels, a Belgian manufacturer who also produced Eddy Merckx bicycles until Eddy started to set up his own production.

This bicycle left the Kessels factory in 1976 and is a very special one. It reportedly had been given as a present to Rik van Steenbergen. The famous Belgian cyclist - actually the most winning Belgian cyclist before Merckx' era - got this bicycle built by Kessels in 1976, a few years after retiring from professional competitions. The very particular geometry and the name underneath the BB shell are giving evidence.

Regarding the technical side, this frame is made of high-end Reynolds tubes and is fully equipped with a complete Campagnolo Nuovo Record groupset, Mavic rims and a Cinelli Unicanitor saddle. And of course, the typical Kessels 'compass sign' pantographs on the chain ring and the seatpost are not missing. Some layouts with the Belgian national colours give a nice finish to this exceptionally well built machine.

This bicycle was handed to Steel Vintage Bikes by the previous owner in impeccable and original condition. Thus it simply underwent a cleaning and checking service just to be ready to be hung on a wall, or to be admired at the next vintage cycling event.

The right choice for avid collectors!

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