Eddy Merckx Professional Rare Golden Road Bike 1980

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ID: 15006
Manufacturer: Eddy Merckx
Size: 57 cm
Condition: The bike is in very good condition. The frame has no cracks and is not bent. Few very small uneven spots in the tubes. Plating has been professionally refurbished. All parts have been thoroughly checked and are working fine.
Era: 1980s
Storage: BMS
Product ID: 15006

In 1978, after retiring from road racing as the most successful rider of all time, the great Belgian champion Eddy Merckx planned to set up a bicycle manufacture.
Since he wanted to build road bikes as fine and efficient as possible, he engaged his friend Ugo De Rosa – arguebly the best frame builder of the 1970s – to help him with the frame design and to teach other frame builders.

In 1980 the moment had come and the first Merckx bikes, soldered in an old farmhouse in Meise, were delivered.

Instead of offering a wide range of models, Merckx just offered one: the Eddy Merckx Professional.
Due to its fabulous riding qualities and its austere elegance, the Professional has been one of the most appealing steel racing framesets ever since.
Because production has been relatively low in the first year (especially the first months), very early Professional models are both hard to find and coveted.

Thus we are stoked to be able to present a very special bike to you:
A gold plated Eddy Merckx Professional from 1980
The bike features the typical details of very early Merckx bikes like the pantographed parts, the long lugs, Signature seat stay caps and Cinelli bottom bracket.
Apart from the characteristic particularities, there are at least two very special alterations to the standard. There is of course the distinct gold plating instead of a normal varnish but there is also the rear brake which, for whatever reason, has been installed in a reverse way.

This particular Eddy Merckx Professional – serial number V 199 – dates certainly back to 1980 and thus is one of the earliest if not the earliest Professional we have featured so far.

Built with light Columbus SL tubing, this Professional is fully fitted with Campagnolo Super Record parts which have been thoroughly serviced in our workshop.

Whether to enjoy the pleasure of riding an extra rare classic steel bike, or to enrich a collection, this Eddy Merckx is a choice which is hardly regrettable.

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