Eddy Merckx Strada Classic Road Bike 1986

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ID: 14189
Manufacturer: Eddy Merckx
Size: 52 cm
Condition: The bike is in good working condition. The frame has no dents, no cracks and is not bent. Paintwork and decals are original with chips and an engraved number on the top tube. All parts are checked and are working fine. Scratches to stem and handlebar.
Era: 1980s
Storage: BMB 08-06
Product ID: 14189
After retiring from competition, the great Champion Eddy Merckx started setting up a bicycle manufacture. Since he wanted to build the best road bikes possible, he managed to engage one of the best frame builders of all time to help him with designing the frames and teaching other frame builders. And as it happened Ugo de Rosa - The Master designed some of the first frames of the Eddy Merckx line and helped Eddy in the first business years.

In 1986 Eddy Merckx started to develop his model line by adding several options. One of this new bikes was the Eddy Merckx Strada, built from Columbus tubing, it was equipped with Campagnolo's new Victory groupset.
Where the famous C-Record was almost a revolution in component design, the Victory gruppo was basically a further developed Version of the old Campagnolo Nuovo- and Super Record line. Thus it was a bit more appealing to the fan of classic bicycle looks - and also was lighter than its big brother.

Our Campagnolo Strada also shows one of the paint schemes which were to become iconic in the following years. It is the early Team Panasonic pattern.

What is extra cool about this bike is something which is hidden to the eye of the beholder: we purchased this bike directly from Freddy Maertens' garage.
Yes that is right. You are able to say that your bike was in the possession of (though not ridden by) a multiple world champion and probably the best sprinter of his time.

The bike is ready to be ridden and good for commuting as well as Eroica rides.
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