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55 Cinelli Export Road Bicycle 1980s
54 Ciöcc San Cristobal Classic White Road Bike 1980s
55 Masi 3V Volumetrica Classic Road Bicycle 1980s
55 Wilier Triestina Ramata Original Road Bike 1980
55 Rossin RL C-Record Fine Road Bicycle 1980s
55 Chesini Precision Fine Road Bicycle 1980s
55 Colnago Super Light Blue Road Bike 1980s
54 Rossin Record Pantographed Road Bicycle 1980s
Campagnolo Pedals
56.5 Visom by Daccordi Road Frame Set 1980s
56.5 Benotto Aero Road Frameset 1980s
54 Brazzo Original Classic Road Frameset 1970s
54 Brazzo Extra Classic Road Frameset 1980s
54 Gios Compact Pro Evolution Road Bicycle 1990s
54 Rossin Record Gold Plating Spectacular Road Bicycle
54 Rauler Prestige EL Classic Road Bike 1980s
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15 Items

Vintage Bicycles

What is a vintage bicycle?

Vintage bikes are typically defined as bikes that were produced between the 1920s and the 1990s, although the earlier date is open to debate. Mostly they are bicycles that have been made by hand and constructed with steel. In the past, steel was widely regarded as the best material for bicycle manufacture as it was considered the most responsive, hard-wearing and versatile material that was readily available.