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58 Cinelli Supercorsa Iconic Road Bike 1981
58 Pelizzoli Victory Classic Road Bicycle 1980s
51 Wilier Triestina Ramata Pantographed Bicycle 1983
58 Gitane M335 Classic Road Bike 1994
51 De Rosa Professional SLX Classic Fine Road Bicycle 1980s
51 Mercier Super Vitus 980 Classic Road Bike 1980s
58 Monark Blå Blixten Gran Sport Classic Road Bike 1950s
58 Carbotitan Guerciotti Branded Road Bicycle 1990s
Campagnolo Pedals
58 Gios Pista Racing Track Bicycle 2000s
58 Patelli Professional Classic Road Bicycle 1970s
51 Colnago Super Classic Blue Road Bicycle 1976
51 Rossin Record Original Pantographed Bicycle 1970s
57 De Rosa Record Strada Classic Road Bicycle 1970s
51 De Rosa Strada Record Classic Road Bike 1975
58 M. Martini Fine Pantographed Bicycle 1970s
58 Eddy Merckx Professional Classic Road Bicycle 1980s
Used Modern Bikes
58 Grandis Special Classic Road Bicycle 1980s
51 Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra Ladies Rioad Bicycle 1990s
60 CBT Italia Millennium Azurro Road Bike
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Items 1-18 of 25


Vintage Bicycles

What is a vintage bicycle?

Vintage bikes are typically defined as bikes that were produced between the 1920s and the 1990s, although the earlier date is open to debate. Mostly they are bicycles that have been made by hand and constructed with steel. In the past, steel was widely regarded as the best material for bicycle manufacture as it was considered the most responsive, hard-wearing and versatile material that was readily available.