Flying Gate Navana Deluxe Collectible Bike

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ID: 10412
Manufacturer: Flying Gate
Size: 66 cm
Condition: The bike is in very good condition, no cracks or dents here. Paintwork and decals are original and also in very good condition, as is the chrome. All parts have been checked and are working fine.
Era: 1980s
Storage: BMBS
Product ID: 10412

It was 1934, when the Baines Brothers came up with the idea of a short-wheelbased frame in a strutted construction.
The design proved to be an immediate success and though the original names for this frame were pretty poetic (think: Whirlwind), the Yorkshire cycling community soon baptized it the Flying Gate.

Though loved and admired, the production of this labor-intense bike ceased in 1954. It was not until 1979, that young and coming frame builder Trevor Jarvis took over the secrets of Baines and started to bring their famous construction back to live.

From then on, his custom-made Flying Gates have conquered the hearts of many a rider. Swift and responsive as they are, they make great racing bikes. The straight T-tube transfers the power better to the frame. But they are excellent touring bikes, too. The struts are an additional support for loads in the back.

Talking about rarity and extravagance, these bikes are up there with some of the most expensive bikes you can buy. According to Trevor Jarvis, hand-carving and finishing a single lug can take several days, a complete frame up to four weeks. You can easily do the math and estimate how much the most adorned models would have to cost.

And there we have one: a Trevor Jarvis Flying Gate Navana Deluxe. And what an exceptional beauty it is.
The frame is extra large and thus fit for a very tall rider. To cope with the weight you would expect from a tall person, it is equipped with rare and sought-after Maxi Car Tandem hubs with 40 spokes in the rear and 36 in the front. Classy Mafac brakes, a Brooks seat and Campagnolo Super Record shifting quite nicely round this spectacular piece off.

Extraordinary in every way, checked and serviced and ready to go. A bike for those who not only think big but also ride tall.

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