Fontana Custom Commuter Neo-Retro Bicycle

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ID: 12188
Manufacturer: Fontana
Size: 55 cm
Condition: The bike is in good condition. The frame has no dents, no cracks and is not bent. Some scruffs. Paintwork and decals are original. All parts have been thoroughly checked and are working fine.
Era: 1980s
Storage: BMS
Product ID: 12188
This one-of a kind fun commuter is nothing for for mainstreamed riders.
Our unique setup makes sure that a rigged appearance is combined with perfect usability.
The whole project is based on a Fontana MTB frame from 1989.

In 1983, Fontana from Verona went into business as a small bicycle company with a focus on high end modern bikes.
It was the time when Aluminium started to displace steel as the go-for material in the production of high class offroad frames.
Consequently, our Fontana is an interesting Aluminium frame accompanied by the then typical CrMo unicrown fork.

As for the parts we made sure that the bike would be an excellent comfortable commuter that can deal with rough weather, rough roads and whatever else your commute can throw at you.
A low maintenance one-by drive train helps you to ride up hills or speed down long flats, Shimano XT-wheels are as reliable as it gets and wide tires provide that extra comfort everybody is looking for.
Strong mudguards keep you dry even on the wettest of days while the front rack allows you to carry some bag or your shopping goods. br>
Of course, our Fontana refuses to be just another flawless design bike. It is an intended wild mix up.
Strictly not boring!

Ideally sized if you are 182cm-187cm.

"I took the road less traveled, and that made all the difference" - Robert Frost, MTB-commuter in oblivion.
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