Galmozzi Classic Road Bicycle 1970

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ID: 6510
Manufacturer: Galmozzi
Size: 52 cm
Condition: The bike is in good condition. Straight frame without cracks. Has light blemishes. Original paint with scratches and timeworn. All parts are working fine.
Era: 1970s
Product ID: 6510

Ciclo Galmozzi Milano classic bicycle from 1970! We are very happy to present you a Galmozzi road racer, a fine and very rare piece of craftsmanship from Milan, Italy.

Francesco Galmozzi can be certainly enumerated among the best frame builders of the prestigious Milanese tradition. Thanks to an investment of Artemira Gerbi - daughter of the famous cyclist Giovanni Gerbi, aka "Il Diavolo Rosso" - in 1922, Galmozzi founded the brand Gloria. It was the period in which he manufactured the "Garibaldina model". A few years later, he joined the company Cicli Magri, which he eventually acquired in 1938 and by this founded his own brand: Ciclo Galmozzi.
According to his name Galmozzi he developed his logo (Gallo in Italian means rooster and mozzi means hubs). Thus the logo turned out to be a rooster on a hub.

Mr. Francesco Galmozzi did not produce many bicycles. He was actually more of a tailor than a builder - an artisan, incredibly good at manufacturing frames to a cyclists' measures and needs. His son Angelo joined the family business in 1959 and their atelier in Via Melchiorre Gioia in Milan soon became a hotbed for some of the finest Milanese racing bicycles. Memorable was the Galmozzi Specialissima from 1961, a bicycle which led Rik van Looy - Faema Team - to his second World Championship!

Our Galmozzi dates back to the year 1970 and is equipped with the legendary Campagnolo Nuovo Record which was still a young, and new indeed, groupset back then.

The perfect bicycle to fall in love with. An eye-catcher for any vintage cycling race like Eroica or La Superba!

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