Giamè Super Record Classic Road Bicycle

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ID: 4314
Manufacturer: Giamé
Size: 52 cm
Condition: Good condition. The frame has been professionally refurbished. No dents, no cracks or bends. All parts work fine.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 4314

Every collector out there should know the Giamè brothers. For those who have just come across that name, the brand Gios Torino sounds probably more familiar and a Professional frameset looks even similar to this beauty in red.

That is because Agostino and Antonio Giamè worked for the famous brand from Turin and - as far as we were told by Mr. Aldo Gios - developed some of the finest innovations which made the blue bicycles from Turin renowned worldwide.

Quality and not quantity. Being employed in a factory, the Giamè brothers were able to produce roughly 20 frames per year. Needless to say that every Giamè bicycle is therefore extremely rare.

As this model made of Columbus SL tubes shows, they kept ornament and decorations to a restrain minimum, preferring instead a classic and clean style.

Beside a waterproof sealed internal routed cable - which you also find on the Gios Professional - this frame features filigree cut-out lugs and bottom bracket shell, very typical of any Giamè bicycle.

By taking a closer look at the dropouts, one immediately notices that this frame has also something really unconventional. In fact, the Giamè brothers manufactured special dropouts being able to host a Campagnolo Porta Catena (the Italian for chain holder). In particular, the drive side dropout features a protrusion which allows to mount that C-shaped aluminium holder designed to hold the chain when changing the wheel. To do so, the right lever has an extra release button to press before shifting to an extra second stop - the chain holder. Basically designed for professional racing, the Campagnolo Porta Catena did not have a big success but remained an icon of cycling history.

Being a racing bicycle from the 1980s, it is equipped with Campagnolo Super Record components, Mavic GP4 rims and a 3ttt bar.

Professionally refurbished and flawless. A must-have for any avid collector!.

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