Holdsworth Zephyr 531 Show-Bike Singlespeed

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ID: 10370
Manufacturer: Holdsworth
Size: 58 cm
Condition: The bike is in very good condition. Minor signs of wear may occur due to storage.
Storage: BMB05-22
Product ID: 10370

Long before urban criteriums captured our imagination and social media feeds, in the 50s and 60s, track racing on an outdoor grass surface was a popular format in the cycling world. W.F Holdsworth, already an established frame builder in the U.K, began constructing bikes for the emerging discipline. It's the small details, that made the Holdsworth path racer special: First and foremost, the path racer featured a special track-like geometry with steep angles and horizontal track dropouts. Unlike a pure track bike, the fork was drilled in order to use a front brake. Lastly, the tyre clearance was increased to make room for the wider tyres needed for the rougher terrain.

Today, the Holdsworth Zephyr is modelled exactly after these pioneering racers. Whether you are looking for a responsive urban racer or an impressively stylish everyday bike for your commutes, the Zephyr might be your perfect bike. At home on the track, on the road or even off it, the Zephyr, floats over anything in its way.

Part of the Holdsworth Heritage line of frames, the Zephyr is beautifully assembled from Reynolds 531 tubing. Every tube is cut by hand and every lug filed out to a "Coronet" pattern and then low-temperature silver braze is applied. Finally, every frame is inspected to meet Holdsworth’s exacting quality standards.

The Zephyr comes in a sleek glossy black enamel finish accented with gold Holdsworth detailing and a brazed lettering.

We’ve equipped the Zephyr with some carefully picked components. The cockpit comes stocked with our classic silver alloy stem and bar. To highlight the range of the Zephyr, the classic high flange wheelset includes a flip/flop hub in order to ride either fixed gear or single-speed. Topped with a Selle San Marco Concor suede saddle, the Holdsworth Zephyr is a great all-rounder.

Weight: 9.2kg

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