Jacques Anquetil Classic Road Bike 1960s

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ID: 13857
Manufacturer: Jacques Anquetil
Size: 52 cm
Condition: The bike is in good working condition. The frame has no cracks, no dents and is not bent. Paintwork and decals are original. Nice Patina with little oxidation. All parts have been thoroughly checked and are working fine. Brake lever hoods brittle.
Era: 1960s
Product ID: 13857
Jacques Anquetil not only was a hell of a racer but also a clever businessman. When 'Monsieur Crono' had opportunity to turn his fame into some extra money he most certainly took it.
Our Jacques Anquetil road bike from the 1960s is proof of both his fame, which made a bike more desirable by putting his name on it, and of his practice to offer this name to whoever could afford it.

Over the years many different bike manufacturers built models under the Anquetil brand name. Many of the outcomes were of questionable quality and had nothing to do with a bike that could live up to its name.
Not so our little "Frére Jaques". Our Anquetil bike consists of a great frame with evenly great parts.

The frame itself consists of Reynolds 531 tubing and some very nice lugs. The fork and rear stays have seen a nice chroming.
As for the parts, the bike still has the original Campagnolo Record Derailleurs and headset. The reliable and beautiful Stronglight chainset and bottom bracket are of evenly great quality.
To complete the classic appearance, a Nitor style seatpost and bar-end shifters are installed.

This 1960s racing bike has the quality you would expect from the name Jaques Anquetil and it certainly was well enough equipped to compete on at least a semi-professional level.
A great piece for a collection and a great ride for classic cycling events.
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