Koga Miyata Roadrunner 1981 Classic Randonneur

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ID: 5731
Manufacturer: Koga Miyata
Size: 60 cm
Condition: The bike is in very well preserved condition. The frame has no dents, no cracks and is not bent. Paint work and decals are original. The paint has some scratches on the sides of the top tube. All parts are working fine.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 5731
In the 1980s Koga Miyata became famous for their Randonneur touring bikes which carried daring adventurers into all corners of the world. Reliability and craftsmanship had a home in the manufactures of Miyata in Japan and Koga in the Netherlands. The Koga Miyata Roadrunner from 1981 is no exception. Everything is well-conceived. The brakes, the racks, the dynamo, the shifting. And of course the frame. Double butted manganese steel tubes connected by super stable lugs - even for a high class randonneur this was far above the standard.
What makes this bike even more special is its condition. It is extremely well preserved. Thus we kept it as original as possible. It even has the the original tires! This bike has been ridden less than 20 miles per year since the day it has been sold. It is an utterly time-warped piece of classic cycling.
Our Roadrunner would enrich any collection. And at the same time it is a bike that easily accelerates you on a weekend cycling adventure in the great outdoors. A machine from long gone days when travelling by bike was meant to combine both experiences and style.
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