Legnano Roma 1953 Classic Roadbike

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ID: 5918
Manufacturer: Legnano
Size: 58 cm
Condition: Good condition. Original paintwork and decals. No dents, no cracks or bends. All parts are original and work fine. The paintwork shows a few blemishes, rusty spots and typical patina. The front wheel has a tilt.
Era: 1950s
Product ID: 5918

The Legnano Roma is certainly a vintage bicycle which should not be missing in a serious collection. First manufactured in the 1930s, the Legnano Roma has become an icon of the cycling history through the years.

The fact that both Coppi and Bartali rode Legnano bicycles, its unmistakable color and history. It is a given, a Legnano Roma is simply a must-have for any vintage cycling enthusiasts.

This Legnano Roma arrived at Steel Vintage Bikes in original condition thus just underwent a light refurbishment. The frame is a typical Legnano lugged steel frame made of Falck tubes with the very iconic saddle clamp under the seat lug, the main feature of all high-end bicycles from this Italian brand. And of course it still shows the original Legnano green paintwork!

This model appeared in 1953 on Legnano catalog. Accordingly:

- the Campagnolo Gran Sport front derailleur bears the old Campagnolo logo which was engraved only on 1952-1953 models (later it appeared only with the Campagnolo writing);

- the Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur is one of the first mass production launched in 1953 with black bolts and plastic pulleys;

- the Campagnolo Gran Sport shifters with "open C" and points on the background, typical from late 1952-early 1953 models;

- the Magistroni crankset has the number 53 engraved on the right arm.

Other highlights to be mentioned are certainly the original Legnano components (stem and hubs), the Universal brakes and the original Brooks saddle. Being a racing bicycle from the 1950s, it is also equipped with fenders which were very useful for the winter training.

Whether you are looking for a bicycle to enrich your collection or simply want to ride a piece from a glorious brand, this Legnano Roma from 1953 is the right choice! Highly valuable and collectible, for true connoisseurs!
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