5 of the Best Vintage Bike Brands

5 of the Best Vintage Bike Brands

5 of the Best Vintage Bike Brands

Vintage bikes are beautiful, hand-made and personal machines that can tell some extremely interesting stories. These stories, paired with the attention to detail and beauty of vintage bikes makes them extremely sought after by collectors and cycling fans. In fact, vintage bicycles are an investment that gives back to you. Whether you want to ride around on your vintage bike and take part in vintage bicycle events, or simply marvel at the elegance and craftsmanship, you will get something back.

If a vintage bike is kept in good condition and well cared for, then it will live for many more years and create more memories.

Below are 5 of the best vintage bike brands who will never see depreciation in value!

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1. Bianchi

Bianchi Folgore 1940s

Here is a fine example of a Bianchi Folgore from 1940s in the brand’s iconic Celeste colourway.

Founded by Edoardo Bianchi in 1885, just before his 20th birthday - the young mechanic was fascinated by bikes and his early apprenticeships sparked a love of understanding how machines worked. This combination of passion and skill formed the legendary brand Bianchi.

Few brands are as instantly recognizable as Bianchi. The beautiful Celeste colour, as seen in the picture above is steeped in mystery and legend. Some believe it was inspired by the Milanese sky from the location of Bianchi’s first factory. Others believe it was a result of the military selling off excess paint for cheap after the First World War. Some romantics believe that it came from Queen Margarita’s eyes, whom Edoardo taught to ride her first bicycle, designed by Bianchi and adorned with diamonds upon her request. 

The brand is still very much in operation today and makes bicycles for professional racing; nevertheless vintage Bianchi bikes are extremely sought after, due to their high build quality, design and reliability. This was the ethos of the company upon first foundation and lives on today. Vintage Bianchi bikes are some of the highest quality, sturdy and beautiful bikes available. 

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2. Colnago

Colnago Master Krono Classic Pursuit Bike 1980s

A fine example of a Colnago Master Time Trial Bicycle.

Another classic Italian brand that is still in operation to this day. Founded in 1952, after owner Ernesto Colnago had worked in another bicycle firm since the illegitimate age of 13! The owner’s passion for bicycles exudes through every single model produced.

Colnago made bikes for some of the most famous riders of all time, such as Magni, Saronni and Merckx. The brand’s involvement in the professional racing scene since the 1950s has cemented their reputation as a high quality vintage bike brand. 

Colnago are some of the most desirable bikes on the market and if you are lucky enough to find a vintage Colnago in good condition then you should not pass on the opportunity to ride it. 

The brand thrived on the professional stage throughout the 1980s and produced some of the most dazzling colourways and designs on their bikes. This professional success also meant that they were able to use some of the best components available at the time. Vintage Colnago bikes are a combination of stunning design, skilled craftsmanship and high quality parts and are therefore considered one of the best vintage bike brands.

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3. Wilier Triestina

Wilier Triestina Ramata 50th Anniversary Bicycle 1983

A remarkable example of a road bike by Wilier Triestina from the 1980s with their beautiful orange chrome 'cromovelato' paintwork.

Maybe one of the lesser well known brands to appear on this list, what they lack in prestige they more than make up for in their beauty. They are arguably the most beautiful vintage bikes that you are likely to encounter. 

A brand founded in 1945 who immediately burst onto the professional team by making bikes for Magni, they enjoyed great success in the remainder of the decade. Sadly the brand encountered financial difficulties in the 1950s as Italians turned to motorbikes and scooters instead of bicycles as means of transport and joy, and had to close down entirely. Reborn and revitalised in 1969 when new investors wanted to bring the brand back, Wilier Triestina picked up where it left off and has gone from strength to strength ever since. 

Their bikes became famous due to their flamboyant translucent paint job paired with chromed frames, unforgettable and mesmerizing to behold in real life. These were usually orange and called "Ramata" amongst enthusiasts - Ramata, feminine for Ramato which in Italian means copper-plated. Vintage Wilier Triestina bikes have always appealed to collectors around the globe like few other bicycles.

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4. Cinelli

Cinelli Super Corsa  1983

A Cinelli Super Corsa with Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Group from 1983.

Cino Cinelli was a relatively successful cyclist throughout the 1940s but always fell a little short of stardom. He believed it was mechanical failures that prevented him from making it to the very top of the sport - so a progression into manufacturing was a natural step for him. So in 1948, with the assistance of his brother, Cinelli was formed. 

The brothers’ desire to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of what was acceptable has meant that Cinelli has always been at the forefront of technological advancements, stylistic firsts and ingenuity. Whilst some additions have not quite made it into the history books, vintage Cinelli bikes are some of the most unique and interesting bicycles on the market. 

The brand’s innovation and desire to break free from tradition has meant that a vintage Cinelli will be an entirely original bicycle, constructed with love and attention and give you hours of joy. Their designs sing of the 1980s, whilst their parts and construction provide a strong base for the brand’s individual flare to burst through.

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5. De Rosa

De Rosa Vintage Bicycles

Here is a De Rosa Professional SLX from 1986 with the iconic heart emblem of the De Rosa brand.

Eddy Merckx, Francesco Moser, Gianni Motta and Moreno Argentin are some of the countless champions who chose to ride Ugo De Rosa frames to epic victories. Therefore, it is no coincidence that in the 1974 Giro d'Italia, roughly 80% of all riders of the peloton chose De Rosa frames. Widely considered "The Master" Ugo De Rosa manufactured masterpieces which strongly influenced the cycling industry for decades to come.

De Rosa was founded in 1953 in the centre of bicycle manufacturing adventure, Milan. The brand began to make a name for itself through the 1960s and 1970s. Ugo De Rosa worked as a mechanic for many professional teams and started to work with Motta in 1969 before settling at team Molteni. Here, we would meet the great Eddy Merckx and start a world-changing partnership. He was the only mechanic these two greats would entrust. 

As a result, De Rosa bikes are regarded as some of the best possible bikes that one can get their hands on. 

Vintage De Rosa bikes will feature the brand’s iconic heart logo which exemplifies all that is crucial to their construction: love. De Rosa bikes are all handcrafted and have been worked on for countless hours, vintage De Rosa bikes are some of the most reliable and timeless bikes available.

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Here are 5 of the best vintage bike brands of all time, priding themselves on their originality, style and workmanship. The joys of vintage bikes are that they will never let you down and providing that they are well looked after, they can bring years of joy and satisfaction to the rider or collector. If you want to see more Vintage Bike Brands click here