Colnago Master Bicycles

Colnago Master Bicycles

In the early 1980’s Colnago began experimenting with crimping main frame tubes to increase stiffness, reduce weight and improve performance. In the mid-1980s, Colnago and Gilberto Columbus developed the Gilco Master tube profile which was a round tube that featured four distinct symmetrical flutes through the central section of the tube and resembled a 4-sided star.

This tubing was used to build a new Colnago model called the Colnago Master. This groundbreaking tubing was the defining special feature of this new frame model and its unique shape makes it easy to identify. These specially profiled tubes were used in all 3 tubes of the front triangle (top tube, seat tube and down tube).

The Colnago Master is undoubtedly the evergreen of cycling history. First released in 1983, five different versions of the Colnago Master were manufactured until 1998 (Master 1983, Master Più 1987, Master Olympic 1991, Master Light 1994 and Master X-Light 1998).

The Master series undoubtedly represents a peak in steel frame manufacturing, but on the other hand, also marks the end of the steel era in the bicycle industry.

Colnago Master, 1983

Gilco Master four-sided profile tubing.

Colnago Master Gilco Master Tubing

Rear brake cable routed over top tube.

Colnago Master Rear Brake

Colnago lettering and club symbol on down tube lug. Braze-on shifter mounts.

Colnago Master Lugs

Colnago club symbol and lettering on sloping fork crown.

Colnago Master Fork Crown

Colnago club symbols on top of bottom bracket.

Colnago Master Bottom Bracket

Colnago club cut-out under bottom bracket. Brev Colnago lettering. Shift cable guides under bottom bracket. No chain stay bridge.

Colnago Master Bottom Bracket

Braze-on front derailleur mount.

Colnago Master Front Derailleur

Colnago lettering on seat stay caps.

Colnago Master Seat Stay

Club symbol on top of seat stay bridge.

Colnago Master Seat Stay Bridge

Colnago Master Più, 1987

Colnago Master Più three pointed head lugs.

Colnago Master Più Lugs

Internally routed rear brake cable & the Colnago club on the seat stay tube.

Colnago Master Più Rear Brake

1988 saw the introduction of the Precisa fork which led the way for all of Colnago’s future fork production. At the time, its straight blades were revolutionary and improved the absorption of vibrations coming up from the ground as well as giving better overall control of the bike.

Straight Precisa Forks

Any Colnago Master Più produced after 1988 is most likely going to be found with a Precisa fork

Straight Precisa Forks

Colnago Master Olympic, 1991

The seat stay lugs feature “C” with the Colnago club inside it

Colnago Master Olympic Seat Stays

The Olympic distinguished itself with slightly oversized tubes that are often covered in very eye-catching paint schemes.

Colnago Master Olympic Oversized tubes

Colnago is inscribed into the bottom bracket.

Colnago Master Bottom Bracket

Colnago Master X-Light, 1998

The iconic oversized Gilco Master profiled tubing, which is formed from a special chromium plated DT15V steel, is connected by beautiful classic mirofusion lugs.

Colnago Master X-Light